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Entries for the week of 07/24-07/30

M - 10 Miles Easy

T - 13 Total (3x2 Miles at 6:20 w/ Half Mile Recovery at 7:20 min/mi.) + Lower Body Strength

W - 7 Miles Easy + Push Strength (Chest/Shoulders/Triceps)

TH - 11 Miles Easy

F - 12 Mile Hill Workout (12x1 Minute Uphill at ~5K Pace) + Pull Strength (Back/Biceps)

SA - 4 Miles Easy + Chest/Back Strength

S - 20 Miles (Moderate Effort) - completed at average of 7:58 min/mi. pace.

Total Miles: 78.6

Running Time: 11 H 6 M

Time and energy are valuable assets; and how you spend each reflects what you make of this life. Anytime I train for a big goal like a marathon or ultramarathon, I am aware of the investment being made, and the toll that it can take on other areas of my life.

Yet, the more that I do this, the greater appreciation I have for the challenge of it all. It’s so much more than physical, in that, the pursuit of a lofty goal should raise your standard of achievement for all other endeavors.

So, with this marathon prep, I strive to be great in all that I do. And in this pressure, I realize my true strength.

Personal Data (all based on averages from the last 7-days):

  • Bodyweight - 187.4 LBS

  • Sleep - 5H 45M

  • Resting Heart Rate (RHR) - 47 BPM

  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) - 64 AVG

  • Strength Training - 4 Sessions

Weekly Run Thoughts:

1. Running is the one area where I don’t compromise. I don’t break agreements with myself. How powerful would it be to translate this standard to the rest of my life, and why is it so hard to hold a standard across numerous areas of focus?

2. Hill running continues to be a strength for me. I have power, in part thanks to lifting over the years, and I believe this can be an advantage at the marathon distance. However, I also have numerous weaknesses to develop if I want to perform to my full potential on race day.

The balance of minimizing weaknesses and maximizing strengths is a necessary component to success in any pursuit.

3. We always have the choice to quit, and quite frequently, the thought crosses my mind. But the idea holds no weight. In that moment, all you need to do is ask: Would I really be happier if this pressure were lifted from my shoulders?

No. Because pressure is privilege. The pursuit is what supports our life’s purpose - even in matters as simple as running.

4. I’m at my best when I am consumed by an area of focus. I study, consume content, and apply action, every single day to a goal. I’ve done this with running before, and plan to continue to immerse myself in this world, to maintain focus on what I want and why I want it.

I’ll never be the best (or even in the top 20% of people who do this) but I can learn so much from those who are exceptional and enjoy the process of becoming better at what I love.

5. Fatigue and tiredness will be a norm as we progress deep into this prep, but the confidence gained from continuing to show up for this goal will drive me forward.

Come race day, I will stand tall, proud of much more than a Marathon PR, but also of overcoming all of the adversity that weighs heavily on my life, as it stands today. I will endure hardship, make the most of each day’s training, and transform through this experience.

Opportunity is always there, sometimes you just have to create it.

Continue to follow along with my training through social media, where I post my daily runs, recaps of big workouts, and more content centered on this process!

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