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Produce & Provide: Stop Standing on the Sideline; Decide to Enter the Arena

We are a society of consumers. We consume content through social media, television, the people we surround ourselves with, and the decisions that we make. The more that we consume, the more that we question our place in the world. We overwhelm ourselves with concepts of value, worth, power-structures, and the social hierarchy. Ultimately, we fall into a place of confusion. We lose sight of our true intentions, values, and our unique journey of development. Authenticity loses its luster, because all that we want to do is fit into the tribe that produces for us.

The solution? Produce for yourself. And somewhere down the road, provide for others. A society of consumers can’t function without someone to produce, and content to be consumed. Yet, we overvalue the end-result (the content), and undervalue the production process (creation). Open Youtube, click on a video; scroll through Instagram, like a photo. Instant gratification at it’s finest, and a rabbit hole of self-satisfaction through the accomplishments of others, while we sit on the sideline.

Stop spectating; enter the arena.

For me, 2022 brings urgency. Actions must be taken, decisions must be made, and my purpose must become larger. As it should be for us all. This is the process of development; it’s frustrating, challenging, and elusive; and only the consistent and resilient will prevail. Exit your comfort zone, and enter an arena of production.

What is there to produce? A message driven by your why. We all have one, yet for most of us, it’s not clear or self-understood. Why do we work where we work? Why do we choose to consume specific content? Why do we align ourselves with certain individuals? Because whether we realize it or not, our why is in alignment with the why of that unique business or person. We feel understood and validated by the content that is being produced.

So why not produce content for ourselves? A type of content that helps us understand who we are even better, and that validates the uniqueness of our purpose. Is it scary? Yes. Are there many things to learn? Yes. Will we receive instant gratification along the way? No.

And therein lies the reason that we choose not to act. Because the quicker form of gratification is found through consumption, rather than production. We will continue to put our favorite creators on a pedestal, because the alternative of joining them in their pursuits is too intimidating.

Fear, intimidation, and confusion are not reasons worth giving power to. We can not live our lives in a state of ‘how’, ‘what if’, and ‘maybe later’. Stop devoting energy to a secondhand version of yourself; rather, find the authentic purpose that you’ve been given. Explore your why: the purposes, causes, and beliefs that provide you with energy, and inspire action. Share your message, the things that excite you, and inspire your growth journey. Let the world realize your power.

Because with all of the negativity that surrounds some of the content that we consume, there is even more positivity that can be created by well-intentioned, purpose-driven, and energy producing people.

Have the audacity to share what you believe in, produce a positive message, and provide value to others. You may just be shocked by the amount of people who align themselves with your why; and our why is a powerful thing to behold.

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