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Note to Self - A Daily Blog Entry (05.30.23)

Day #1 - 05.30.23

Inconsistency is the ultimate sacrifice. A sacrifice of talent, opportunity, and well-lived life. It's not a sacrifice I'm willing to make any longer.

I've become self-aware enough to understand my skills and how to use them, yet, I've failed to follow through on this understanding. Every once in a while, I've lived in alignment with my best self, but for the most part, I've lived a life of sacrifice - and not a sacrifice of nobility; rather, one of my life's purpose.

Distractions are everywhere, and each is disguised as a worthy use of time and energy. As time passes, you see the true colors of how your time was spent. I've wasted time.

In many discussions, I've been asked about the importance of urgency. In reflection, my words failed to align with my actions—no more.

This is my first daily writing. How long will I uphold this agreement with myself? I can't be sure. But on this day, for this week, at this stage of my life - I must live with urgency. Today is all I have. If a daily practice of writing and the accountability to publicize my thoughts will benefit my personal development, I can't sacrifice the opportunity.

It's a matter of discipline. A sacrifice of what feels best at the moment for what is best across months and years. These thoughts and ideas shared daily may benefit a reader or two. Or maybe I'll be the only one ever to read these entries. Either way, it will be worth it.

My motivation will be fleeting, but my purpose will become a deeply rooted aspect of my life with practice. One that informs action and promotes urgency in the things that truly matter to me.

Note to Self: When purpose calls, answer.

Until tomorrow,


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