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Note to Self (06.12.23)


Monday’s are busy, so I’ll keep this one brief and in bullet point format. As always, I hope you find a perspective that resonates with you. Each note is something that I need to be reminded of - and I wanted to share it with you.

But first, a quote to get you thinking:

“Despite the natural belittling of one's self, the doubts, the insecurities, we have to wake up to the realization that we all write our own autobiography, we are the authors of our life story. Realizing that, write a good story with your life and make sure to write yourself as the protagonist. Be the hero of your journey.” (Yossi Ghinsberg)
  • Your struggle is valid, and you are not alone. Every person is dealing with something. No matter how big or small it may appear, struggle is something that we must find value in. It affords us the opportunity to grow. The opportunity to continue writing our life’s story, because as we know, all great stories are born from a problem that must be navigated, learned from, and ultimately, triumphed over.

  • Life is hard, so you’re better off not making it worse. There is an adage that states, “if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” There are actions to take to get out of the hole and none of them involve catastrophizing the situation. Remain level-headed, search for reality, and regain your footing over the situation.

  • Find a reason to smile today. I’ve spent too many days, weeks, and months over the last year with my head down, acting out of fear, with little love in my heart for the simplicities of life. So, find a reason to smile, and if you can’t find one, create one.

  • Let’s spread good in this world. Be a light in moments of darkness, and help others to see the best in themselves, so they too can see the best in others.

Note to Self: Life moves fast. The choice to slow down is an investment worth making. Gain clarity, see the good, and take thoughtful steps forward.

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