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An Introduction to the Manifest Newsletter

For the past three years, I’ve been inconsistently writing and publishing fitness, lifestyle, and mindset blog posts on my website. The key word here is ‘inconsistently’.

While there have been multiple pieces of writing that I’m proud of, and that I believe provide quality information to my readers, it’s the inconsistency of these publications that will forever have me spinning my wheels as a writer.

Since beginning my public writing journey, my life has transformed from college graduate, to first year teacher trying to make his way through a challenging profession, onward to a man in search of his ‘why’ and discovering that perhaps public education isn’t a part of that ‘why’, and finally to an arrival to my current form; a career-less, marathon running, part-time shoe selling, Colorado migrant, who believes whole-heartedly in his ability for influence and value, yet hasn’t quite nailed down the ‘how’ of it all. But who’s paying attention?


This stage of my life has been transformative, and I’m confident that it will continue to illuminate the path to be pursued. I have no fear about where I’m currently at, or where I’m headed. I continue to be surrounded by amazing people who teach me more than a book ever could, and I am filled with a strong desire to discover my ‘why’ each day.

I view occurrences as opportunities, and struggles as lessons learned. I continue to believe that there is no perfect timeline for life to be lived by, and that the road will continue to reveal itself with each mile traveled.

These experiences and beliefs bring me here, to the year 2022. With this upcoming year, I aim to build a foundation for what my life can become. My belief in the unknown won’t shield me from the reality that anything worth having requires intentional action. A primary focus of the next 12 months will be consistency. Setting time-based goals, and holding myself accountable for achieving those goals through consistent work.

It is this focus that has sparked the idea of beginning a newsletter. A piece of writing to be published weekly, to anyone interested in subscribing. My mission for this newsletter is as follows: Help others to lead lives of purpose, passion, and fulfillment. Each week my writing will include perspective-altering ideas, insightful information, and inspiring messages.

This newsletter is my 12-month crash course in consistency. Consistency through daily information-gathering and research, weekly drafting, editing, and revision, and a consistent pursuit to expand my reach. 52 Sundays in a year; 52 newsletters to be published. And the power of consistency allows that through my commitment, the 52nd newsletter will be of higher quality than the 1st, and the lessons learned over the course of this project will allow for greater future work.


It begins with the first edition of the ‘Manifest Newsletter’ on Sunday, January 2nd 2022.

Each week, I will work with my personal mission statement in mind: Help others to lead lives of purpose, passion, and fulfillment. And I sincerely hope that for anyone who invests a few minutes each Sunday into reading my words, that you will be better for it. I hope that you too will prioritize consistency in the upcoming year, and that you pursue a mission and vision that aligns with your passions.

Define what success means to you, and build a life that allows you to fulfill that image. Be intentional with your actions, true to your word, and willing to learn lessons along the way. Identify time-based goals, and pursue the steps necessary towards the realization of that goal. Reflect on the past, and project towards the future. Strengthen your mind, body, and relationships. Don’t settle for less than what you’re capable of.

Manifest your greatness. The world needs all that you have to offer.

Happy New Year!


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