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1. Selfless

2. Intelligent

3. Role-model

Often times, I believe that people focus too much on what they believe themselves to be in the present, without envisioning what they aspire to be in the future.

The three words listed above begin to paint the picture of what I envision for myself in the future. At the moment, I couldn’t with complete conviction, describe my present-self with any of these three words. I am far too often self-centered. I haven’t built a well-rounded base of knowledge. And most importantly, I haven’t established the principles through which to live my life in a manner that establishes me as a mentor for others. So what am I? I am imperfect; we all are. Yet, we all have the innate ability to understand ourselves in the present, and to forecast what our ‘better-selves’ will look like. This process can be really simple, and it should be extremely unique to each person. As Vince Lombardi reminds us, “The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.”. Ultimately, the plan is great, but the dedication to the plan is the major key (S/O DJ Khaled).

With all of this being said, what are the words that society would describe me as fulfilling in the present? I am a recent college graduate, a high school educator, health and fitness enthusiast, son, brother, and boyfriend. I’m a pretty average guy who aspires to make an exceptional impact on the lives of others.

This blog is being written because I believe that it’s a method through which I will grow. I plan to write about topics that I wouldn't necessarily identify as an expert in, yet have studied out of pure interest. I intend to be a lifelong learner who is well-versed in a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I aspire to build positive relationships with others, to learn, and to improve alongside those who connect with me. With this being said, I truly believe that I will benefit from committing to this writing practice, even if no one ever reads my posts (except for my Mom). For those who decide to engage with my blog, I hope that you benefit a great deal from the information that is discussed.  

So ask yourself, what roles do you currently fill in society? And more importantly, what are three characteristics that you would want others to identify you by, as you continue to grow into your future-self? Once you’ve identified these words, you have created a blueprint to your future. It may require some revisions as you progress from one stage to the next, but the words that you have brainstormed are a great bridge to understanding the values that are at the core of your being. Write your list down, set the goal in stone, and commit to the pursuit of these characteristics in your daily life.

I’ve always loved this metaphor: everyday we have the ability to deposit pennies in a bank account. As the weeks, months, and years pass, the pennies build-up. With this continued deposit, we are building richness in our lives; a wealth that is much more meaningful than any amount of money we could ever own. So I challenge you, start depositing your pennies. Build value in your life, and be great for yourself and those that you love!

- Austin Myers

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